Edit MSI with Orca to add registry keys to installation

I am trying to optimize the installation of a package that requires a registry change after installation. Instead, I wanted to just add registry changes to the MSI (I didn't write any code, I'm just trying to edit an existing MSI) and deploy it remotely and just do with it.

Can anyone provide some good examples of how to do this? Also, any book recommendations regarding modifying the MSI or a site that provides a detailed explanation of what Microsoft provides would be highly appreciated.



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MSDN has a step by step example of creating an MSI package using ORCA. One of the steps is to add registry data. You can find here



What you are looking for is called transformation. Cm:

Basic concepts of correction and conversion in ORCA

Basically you use ORCA (or InstallShield Tuner or similar tools) to create a transform with your registry values ​​and then save it to an MST file. From there, you can say:

msiexec / i foo.msi TRANSFORMS = foo.mst

And you will see your expected behavior without changing the original MSI. Also, if the vendor ships a new MSI, you have a chance to add the MST to the new MSI. (YMMV whichever changed from release to go to MSI.)

By the way, while it is important for program developers to understand transformations, your question is usually viewed as an IT deployment issue and possibly related to ServerFault.

Also I should note that InstallShield has a Transform project type that allows you to use the full InstallShield user interface to create an MST without going directly (except when you need to) to the underlying MSI tables.





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