How do I get the id of the last push in git?

I would like to get the id for the received last click (not git rev-parse HEAD


For example, if I do git diff-tree --name-status master

, it will show me all the changes since the last click, but I want to see the changes on a specific click.


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If you are talking about the last push you (i.e. your repo) received from a given remote, for a given branch (e.g. master):

 git rev-parse origin/master


(this blog post illustrates it by listing the changes since the last click:
git log origin/master.. --stat

The command is also used in the question " git wrongly states that I am ahead of start / master by 1 commit )

Once you have the correct SHA1, you can look at " How can I see all the files that were changed / added / removed in the received last pushed? " For more.



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