Want to allow people to edit google calendar events but only allow access only for "View Free / Busy Only" permission

I have asked this question a few times when I have Googled for it, but the only solutions I can find are from the old UI for Google Calendars and the options are just not in the new version. This is a very simple problem I am trying to solve, but I just cannot figure out how to do it.

Basically, I have set up a "family holidays" calendar in Google Calendars, and I want to invite my family to add my holidays to it. I invited them to the Share This Calendar page under Share with Specific People, but the only option I have for their permissions in the dropdown is Show Free / Busy Only (Hide Details).

Can anyone tell me how to allow these invited people to add new events and edit events coming out of this calendar as I just can't get other options to display?

Thanks guys!


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So it turns out that this is a Google Apps account. I really don't understand how this is different from a regular google account, but hey ho. So, I googled to find the Google Apps entry. I logged in and it gave me access to more settings, one of which was master control over permissions, which seemed to override calendar-level permissions on my family calendar. I changed these basic permissions, logged out and then came back, and now I have more permissions to allow people to edit this calendar. Hooray!



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