GKTurnBasedMatch recognizes a play group

I am working on a match based game. This is a word game in different languages.

The player has the option to set the language for each game he wants to play. I would like to use the playgroupGKMatchRequest property to differentiate between languages.

But after sending a GKMatchRequest and receiving a GKTurnBasedMatch object, how can I determine which playgroup (language) belongs to this match? As far as I know, the GKTurnBasedMatch object does not have a playergroup property and I cannot map the GKTurnBasedMatch object to the GKMatchRequest, there is no identifier there.


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Although the object playerGroup

does not exist in the object GKTurnBasedMatch

, I recommend storing the group of players in a match in a property matchData




The GKTurnBasedMatch you received belongs to the player group you requested. If you set playerGroup to 1, GKTurnBasedMatch you will be returned, only a couple, when someone else asks for a match with player group 1.

From the documentation: "If your application sets the playerGroup property, only players whose requests have the same playerGroup value are automatically launched by Game Center."



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