Method with a shared collection parameter

I have a method that should accept a collection (perhaps IEnumerable<T>

or List<T>

) of any type (for example, List<int>

or List<string>


inside the method I need to iterate over the collection and each element is converted to a string and concatenated into one final string, like so:

"(12, 123, 22)"


The problem is how to determine that the parameter set can be of any type. I think this is something about generics, but I don't know much about it.

However, the thing's method definition should look something like this:

public string myMethod(List<T> list) { }


However, the compiler does not allow this. Could you please tell me the correct syntax?


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class A
    public string myMethod<T>(List<T> list) { }



class B<T>
    public string myMethod(List<T> list) { }


You might want to use IEnumerable<T>

because you just need to list the sequence.

The same can be achieved with built-in functions:

IEnumerable<X> input = new List<X> { new X(), new X() };
IEnumerable<string> s = list.Select(x => x.ToString());
string result = String.Join(", ", s); // "x, x"


See MSDN .



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