Deploying / distributing a Ruby application

What is the best way to distribute a simple command-line Ruby application to clients without requiring them to manually install Ruby and the required Gems?

In my understanding, this task comes down to just a few lines of SH / BAT code that checks Ruby / Gems, and if not found, continues with the Ruby installation with RVM .

So these lines of code already exist or do I need to write something?


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I haven't been able to find a way to create a cross-platform Ruby platform.

I have created a RubyAnywhere script that tries to solve this problem.



I have used this project for small scripts in the past, without any problem

It creates an EXE file from your ruby ​​script.

If you need something cross-platform, the BAT / sh variant is probably best. You can grab RVM, install RVM ruby, use the package for your gems and then run the script.



The closest I found is (I believe) release:



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