Android widget not working immediately after update

I have a problem with android widgets (it shows battery status). If you have this widget on your home screen and you update it from Android market, there is a problem to work. The widget does not work until the battery status changes. I don't know how to fix this. Is there any function that gets triggered (after installing a new version) in the appwidgetprovider or service?


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Sometimes you need to restart the launcher to update the widget after installing from Market.

  • Go to Settings → Applications → Launch.
  • Select "Launcher" (this may be named differently depending on your version of Android, you may also need to "Show Cached Processes" to see it).
  • Click Stop.
  • Now press the Home button again and go back to choosing your widget (pre-Android 4.0, touchscreen, Android 4.0+, touch the application launch button in the middle of the panel and select the Widgets tab).
  • You should now see the widget. Add it to your home screen as usual.


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