How do I get mocha to run "export" tests on Windows?

I have NodeJS and Mocha installed and working on Windows 7 x64 - so good so far, but I can't get Mocha to recognize any tests defined with the frontend exports

(as described at )

If I create test / bdd.js containing the following code:

var should = require('should');

describe('TestDemo - BDD interface', function(){
  describe('#foo', function(){
    it('1 should equal 1', function(){ (1).should.equal(1);  });


I can run mocha and get the expected output:

D:\Projects\NodeDemo>mocha -R spec

  TestDemo - BDD interface
      βœ“ 1 should equal 1

  βœ” 1 tests complete (7ms)



BUT if I create test / exports.js containing this code (based on the example export frontend provided on the Mocha site)

var should = require('should');

module.exports = {
  'TestDemo - exports interface': {
    '#foo': {
      '1 should equal 1': function(){ (1).should.equal(1); }


when i run Mocha it doesn't find any tests:

D: \ Projects \ NodeDemo> mocha -R spec

βœ” 0 completed tests (1ms)

D: \ Projects \ NodeDemo>

I suspect I either missed the switch or something to indicate which interface mocha

should be used for test definitions, or I found something that is not supported on Windows (yet). Any ideas?


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Of course, the second you post it to StackOverflow, you notice the docstring which I swear was not there before ... :)


Usage: mocha [options] [files]


-u, --ui <name>        specify user-interface (bdd|tdd|exports)


and confident enough by running

D:\Projects\NodeDemo>mocha -ui exports -R spec


does exactly what I expected. D'ON.



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