Initialize array without zeros

I have a 3-D array representing the xy grid and the z vector is the depth. I only know the depths of certain strings and am trying to interpolate the array. My questions are how to create a 720x400 array without setting all values ​​to 0 (as this might affect interpolation).



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There is no need to initialize empty strings with a special value. Instead, you can modify the interpolation routine to assign zero weight to these strings. Then they will not affect interpolation.

An easy way to do this in MATLAB would be to use the griddata method for interpolation.



You can use:

A = nan(m,n,...);


to initialize the matrix with NaN's

if that's what you are asking for. Another popular choice is inf(m,n,...)

for initialization with Inf's

and ones(m,n,...)

for initialization with 1's


So, to create a 720x400 matrix complete NaN's

, you can simply:

A = nan(720,400);




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