Should / How could I use .slice () to replace the image with a button on a button click? (to use next / previous button in gallery)

I'm stumped and can really help with this gallery I'm working on. I used the tutorial "4 lines jquery gallery" for me where I am now. Here's a demo of it that shows how it all works

I got to the point where I would like to include the previous and previous button.

Since the images are named "1-large.jpg", "2-large.jpg", "3-large.jpg" ... etc. I tried using .slice () to move the first digit and then add 1 or minus 1, which resulted in the next / previous pic, but that didn't work at all since my javascript skills are missing and I don't even know if there is does he have a better way to get closer to him.

My question is, does the .slice () method use a path, or is there some simpler code I can use on my buttons?

Any help would be much appreciated.


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If you only want the first character of the string:

var name = "1-large.jpg";
var i = name[0];
// i is now '1'


but that won't work for i> 9, so using split would be better:

var i = name.split('-')[0];
// i is now '1'

var i = "1023-large.jpg".split('-')[0];
// i is now '1023'


and convert the string to int:

var num = parseInt("23", 10);
// num is now the number 23, not a string




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