Is there any framework for testing Android app integration that can drive an emulator / device outside of a single app

I found a couple of delta frameworks that can test Android apps, but they are all limited to testing just one app (because they mostly use Instrumentation)

My application contains a service that can be called by other applications and I want to automate its testing as well. So, I would like to write some tests that automate the interface in other applications.

Have you seen anything other than MonkeyRunner? I looked at it, but the API is pretty poor.


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Take a look at the Sikuli IDE , which is fairly easy to use and based on Python.

You can use standard integration tests (like Selenium for desktop).

There is also the Selenium Android Driver if you want to run machine tests from the Android WebView!



You're right, the naked monkey may not be enough, but if you combine it with other tools, you may find your way. For example, AndroidViewClient is a library that adds the ability to:

  • search for views by ID, very similar to what you usually do in your Android activity (using ViewClient.findViewById()

  • getting a value for almost any of the Views properties (using, for example, View.isChecked()

    or View.mText()

  • dispatching touch events to views by a simple call View.touch()

More complete example can be found at



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