Several plots with high-level plotting functions, especially plot.rqs ()

I am trying to plot two regression summaries side by side with one central title. Each regression summary is generated plot.rqs()

and a set of 9 graphs.

I already tried to use par(mfrow=c(1,2))

, but as I learned from the book by Paul Murrell (2006), high level functions like plot.rqs()

or pairs()

save the graphics state before drawing and then restore the graphics state once completed, so preemptive calls par()

or layout()

can't help me ... plot.rqs()

also does not have a "panel" function.

It seems that the only way to achieve the result is to change the function plot.rqs()

to get a new function, say modified.plot.rqs()

, and then run



From there, I can work out how to add a generic title to the image using layout()

. Does anyone know how to create a function modified.plot.rqs()

that can be used this way?



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You can fix the function like this: use dput

and capture.output

to extract the function code as a string; change it as you want (here I am just replacing each occurrence par

with a function that does nothing); finally, evaluate the result to create a new function.

a <- capture.output(dput(plot.summary.rqs))
b <- gsub("^\\s*par\\(", "nop(", a)
nop <- function(...) {}
my.plot.summary.rqs <- eval(parse(text=b))




First, we create an example object fm

. We'll then copy plot.rqs

and use trace

in copy to paste par <- list

at the beginning, effectively overriding any use par

inside the function. Then we do the same with plot.summary.rqs

. Finally, we'll check this with our par


example(plot.rqs) # fm to use in example

# plot.rqs
plot.rqs <- quantreg::plot.rqs
trace("plot.rqs", quote(par <- list), print = FALSE)

# plot.summary.rqs
plot.summary.rqs <- quantreg::plot.summary.rqs
trace("plot.summary.rqs", quote(par <- list), print = FALSE)

# test it out
op <- par(mfrow = c(2, 2))

title("My Plots", outer = TRUE, line = -1)



EDIT: Added plot.summary.rqs




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