Debugging which function was started using Firebug

I'm trying to debug the implementation of another user interface, and at the moment it is very difficult to find out what events cause, functions


Is there a way to find out what was called function

when the event was fired? Maybe with Firebug



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In the Chrome developer toolbar, you can set event breakpoints. - hope this helps

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There is a Firebug extension called EventBug. There are actually quite a few extensions for Firebug that are amazing.

EventBug screenshot

EventBug allows you to see the event functions that are bound to an element and set breakpoints in their handlers.



You can also try using Firebug's "Break on next" function when it's in the Script Tab. Once enabled, it will abort whenever any Script is executed.

Break on next

However, this has a disadvantage: if you are using a framework that listens for mouse events globally (for example, attached to <body>

), you will get a breakpoint whenever you move the mouse, so it is completely useless.

Also, when there is a specific timeout that fires before you can create your event (like a mouse click), the break will happen in that timeout.



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