How to get the cause of a SQLException from a SQLException object

I am using JDBC and running a request. Is there a way to get the reason for the failure of the returned SQLException object?

Specifically, I want to know if my query has violated a foreign key constraint (and which one) or a key constraint.

Will this result be vendor specific? Just in case, I'm using the postgresql-8.4-701.jdbc4.jar driver. If it depends on the provider, where can I find the codes?

EDIT: I want to do this dynamically - i.e.

if(violated foreign key constraint on attribute x) {
     return 5;
} else if (violated primary key constraint) {
     return 7;
} else {
     return 0;


Or something like that.

EDIT: According to this post , there are no vendor specific error codes for PostgreSQL JDBC. Dunno if it's still relevant.


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You can handle the error code from the SQLException object.



This retrieves the provider-specific exception code for this SQLException object. Using the vendor specific error code, you can navigate to the required block of code.



try to print the stack trace (e is of type SQLException)



or get a message



This may give you some explanation of why the request was refused.



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