Syncing data between Android and PC?

I am trying to develop a pc application in java to sync data between pc and android. I want to know how to do this. My android app has a database and I want to sync with my pc app. Can anyone help me with this way?


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I think it would be easy to write a server program listening on a local port on the PC and then a simple Android client program connecting to the server program and syncing information using a regular socket. this requires the server and client programs to be on the same subnet (for example over Wi-Fi).



You can see the open source project, OpenMobster Sync Service. You can perform the following synchronization operations.

  • double-sided
  • one-way client
  • unilateral device
  • Bootup

In addition, all changes are automatically tracked and synchronized with the cloud. You can disable your app when the network connection is disconnected. It will track any changes and automatically in the background sync it to the cloud when the connection is returned.

It also supports syncing across multiple devices like iCloud.

In your case

You have developed a Java channel and will output data from the PC via the Sync Channel. On the Android side, you will be able to access this data through the Sync API. All your changes are automatically tracked and synced in both directions.

You don't need to do Socket Server development or low-level synchronization. You stay high when dealing with data

Here is a link to the open source project:

Here's a tutorial to understand some of its work:



You can use Mobeelizer . Mobeelizer is a cloud sync service. There is SDK for Java and separate for Android. To solve your problem, you can sync your database with the Mobeelizer cloud and then sync your Android database with the cloud.

There are a lot of things for you in Mobeelizer, you can, for example, notify the Android app that new data is available, you can use permissions or even prepare your own conflict resolution - remember when multiple users can modify the same data conflict can happen. and you have to solve them.

You can find tutorials for Java: here and for Android: here




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