Running Google App Engine Applications on a Local Network (GWT Development Plugin)

I am developing GoogleAppEngine (GAE) applications and most of us know that deploying applications to GAE server takes too long.

Now if I want to save development time. I will exit the menu on the local computer. When Firefox / Chrome opens with the GWT development plugin, this link: Of course if my machine has an address: on the local network. I can make some calls from local computers at this address:

It is ok if there is no GWT component in the above servlet. Otherwise the link: is not available. I can't seem to do something like an RPC call.

I'm pretty sure I need to adjust the "gwt.codesvr" parameter. I don't know what it means, what I should put in the gwt.codesvr parameter.

Can anyone show me the meaning of the role of gwt.codesvr and the GWT Developmentement Plugin


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- how the GWT browser plugin interacts with the dev server. In dev mode, the GWT code is not compiled to Javascript, but executed directly as Java bytecode on the server. From the docs for compilation and debugging :

When an application is running in development mode, the Java Virtual Machine  
(JVM) is actually executing the application code as compiled Java bytecode, 
using GWT plumbing to connect to a browser window.


You can also run the code in production mode (= compiled to JS, run in a browser) on your dev server, but you need to compile it first , then call it without gwt.codesvr

in the Url.



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