How do I get the PCRE version (bundled with PHP) from code?

Is there a way to get the version (and release date) of PCRE bundled with PHP from PHP code and store it in a variable

I can find it using phpinfo () but cannot find any other way to get this value directly from the code.

I have been trying to find a solution for the last couple of hours but it is hopeless.

So far I can get the full output of phpinfo () in a variable and pull the PCRE version / release date from there, but I'm wondering if there is an easier solution?


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I think there is a class created for this ReflectionExtension

, although I can't seem to get the version from it directly ( getVersion()


). This works :

$pcreReflector = new ReflectionExtension("pcre");
$pcreInfo = ob_get_clean(); // Version and release date can be parsed from here


You will still have to parse it, but at least this is only the relevant part, not the whole output phpinfo




You can also use PCRE_VERSION constant

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