How to detect keyboard input language using JQuery

I have an application that accepts input in two languages ​​(English and Arabic) I am validating an input textbox, the validation logic is not the same for English and Arabic, so I need to know which language the user is typing.

all the solutions i came across determined the default language for the system and the browser, but nothing i found helped me determine the current input language


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ok here is the solution that worked for me. Please note that in my application I know for sure that the input language will be one of two languages, either English or Arabic so this is what I did

            var msgText =  entered message text;
            var textLength = msgText.length; // entered message length
            var isEnglish = true;
            for (var index = 0; index <= textLength; index = index + 1) {

                if (msgText.charCodeAt(index) > 160) {
                    //Not English 


in the previous example, which I need, if one character is Arabic, all the text must be validated as Arabic, so I added the variable isEnglish = true by default and will only change if the character in the string is not English I repeated the characters in string using charCodeAt (index), which returns the ISO Latin-1 character number. using the table on this page i was able to work out that the maximum number in this set representing english characters is 160 and



You can use ActiveXObject to send input say 'a' key and read its unicode / ascii value. If his English isn't English yet. Check this question:

Get current keyboard layout language in JavaScript



You can do this using the Google AJAX Language API

var content = "your text";
google.language.detect(content, function(result) {
  if (!result.error) {
    var language = 'unknown';
    for (lang in google.language.Languages) {
      if (google.language.Languages[lang] == result.language) {
        language = lang;
    // Now use the variable `language`




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