Write a subset of a huge tar file to a new tar file without unpacking

I have a huge tar tar t20 archive huge.tar.gz

from which I want to extract a subset and put it in a new tar tar file archive subset.tar.gz

without first extracting the whole huge file. For example, if the content listing is huge.tar.gz


    tar tfz huge.tar.gz


how can i create a new tar file subset.tar.gz

containing only dir1:

    tar tfz subset.tar.gz



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This is a two step process. First you need to extract the directory from the tarball:

tar -zxf huge.tar.gz dir1


And then you need to compress it:

tar -zcf subset.tar.gz dir1




The only thing I found from donig is to delete anything you don't want from the archive (when using the tar version that supports -delete), you can do the following.

gzip -d < huge.tar.gz |tar --delete bla2 bla3 |gzip >part_huge.tar.gz




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