Correct maven plugin for JBoss 7.x

I would like to be able to manage the following simple workflow:

start AS -> deploy / deploy application -> stop AS

AFAIK there are at least 3 maven plugins that promise to make JBoss management and application deployment easier. I have no experience with any of them, and I have not found resources comparing them or giving clear advice on which to use for what.

jboss-maven plugin on maven official site,
jboss-as-maven plugin on github and
cargo plugin in codehan.

The jboss-maven plugin seems to be deprecated as it is on the maven1 thread. I have some doubts that it will work with JBoss 7

The jboss-as-maven plugin seems to only support deployment and deployment, not startup and shutdown. This is the plugin used by the JBoss 7 examples, but it clearly misses the jboss administration goals

I'm not sure about the cargo plugin . I'm not familiar with the API, but the list of functions seems to be correct and JBoss 7.x is supported.

Any practical advice / guidance is greatly appreciated. Thanks you


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I am using the Maven Cargo plugin without any problem. Both JBoss 7.0 and 7.1 answer correctly. So I would take this road.

I also use the Cargo API in my JUnit, ant tests, it's pretty simple. It was not difficult at all. Good starting points are:



Currently, what you call jboss-as-maven-plugin

is the official plugin. This is a plugin that is maintained and updated. It does not currently provide a way to start or stop the server, but feel free to record the feature request .

One advantage jboss-as-maven-plugin

is that you will hopefully soon be able to deploy to both domain and standalone servers. You can also deploy resources such as data sources and add a resource .

It is also planned to execute arbitrary commands that will work as a CLI.



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