Carriage return in ITestActionResult.ErrorMessage

I am using TFS API 2010 to insert multiple error messages into ITestActionResult

. If I do it with TestRunner (Add Comment) and read the (ErrorMessage) field from the API, the line looks like this:"Line1\r\nLine1\r\n"...

If I set ErrorMessage with TFS API like this: the actionResult.ErrorMessage = "Line1\r\nLine2\r\n"

sequence "\r\n"

will be ignored! I am also trying to use a variable Environment.NewLine

, here the sequence "\r\n"

will be treated as a string and not as an escape sequence.

How do I add newlines in a ITestActionResult.ErrorMessage

similar way if I use TestRunner and return the return correctly?


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Have you tried splitting a string into an array. If the type is an array, you cannot use a single string.



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