I have created an application with lowercase and a page named Lowercase, how do I rename a lowercase page to lowercase?

I have an app named "tottepost" that starts in lowercase. And one day I created a page called "Tottepost" which is the title page.

When I created the front page, Facebook told me there was an app called "tottepost". But I didn't seriously think about it. I forgot why I created the title page ...

After creating the title page, I realized that all the photos uploaded from my application have a link "via tottepost". And also I realized that I can create a page for the application in the application settings page.

But when I click the "Create Facebook Page" button, they say "Invalid name. Creating content with this name is not valid. Please try another name."

So what can I do now? If he can change the name of the Facebook page to "tottepost" from "Tottepost" that is the best way. And if this is not possible, I want to change the application name to "Tottepost".

Any help is appreciated. Thank.


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It has been 14 days since I asked this question. Finally, I was able to delete the page and I clicked the "Create Facebook Page" button on the app's advanced settings page. Then I got the same error "Invalid name. Content creation with this name is invalid. Please try a different name."

It realizes that the reason for the page creation failure is the absence of the "Tottepost" page. The reason - the name of the application, starting with the lower case "tottepost", does not follow the naming rules of facebook.

So I changed my app name to Tottepost, I finally managed to create a page related to the app. And after that I could edit the page name and application name in lowercase "tottepost".

Curiously, they disallow the lowercase name when creating the page, but they allow the page name to be changed to lowercase ...

Anyway, I created the page I wanted. Thank.



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