$ (this) inside $ ('# something'). css ({...})

I tried to apply css with jquery to a div element, but it won't accept the $ (this) parameter. I wonder why I can't use $ (this) as the div element referent.

'top': $(window).width()/2-$(this).width()/2+'px', 
'left': $(window).width()/2-$(this).width()/2+'px'  


ERROR: Uncaught TypeError: Object # has no method 'width'

Thanks in advance.

ps: I know I can use a direct call id here internally $()

, but I expected this

to work.


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if $(this)

is blabla

why not use blabla.width()

instead $(this).width()




Note that you are not doing a callback, you are passing an object .css

. Thus, it this

does not refer to blabla

- an element - but to the current context defined when calling the function that contains that code (and this may change). This context does not have .width

, and then you will get an error.

You will need to explicitly refer to the width as in blabla.width()



You are probably trying





I needed a solution too. I wanted to use jQuery to center the floating divs. I created this function called onload and to fit the window:

$("div[class~='floatCenter']").each(function () {
    var elementWidth = $(this).outerWidth() / 2;
    var parentWidth = $(this).parent().outerWidth() / 2;
    var marginPixels = parentWidth - elementWidth;
    $(this).css("margin-left", marginPixels + "px");


I ended up taking a different route, focusing my div with CSS, but the concept of usage $(this)

remains the same.



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