VIsio 2010 Can't "see" DSN files

I am using Visio 2010 Pro to reverse engineer my database. For some reason the wizard doesn't see my dsns file (I create them with the wizard), but the system DSNs are working fine. I would like to make my DSN files portable so they can be shared with my team.

I tried to run Visio as administrator and created unlimited DNS files with no success. Is there something I am missing?


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I had the same problem and I believe the problem is with running 32-bit Visio on a 64-bit machine. In my case, I was running a 32-bit version of Visio in a Windows 7 window. I had to directly enter the 64-bit ODBC dialog (located here: C: \ Windows \ SysWOW64 \ odbcad32.exe) and create my connection and then was able to return in Visio and connect successfully. I believe that otherwise you are using the default 32-bit ODBC dialog when creating your DSN in Visio, which is then not displayed when you try to select your DSN later in the wizard process. This post touches on some additional details regarding 32 bit and 64 bit nuances:



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