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In my web project, I have to serve ads through our openx server, but after looking for documentation on how to implement the openx API in .NET, I couldn't find anything. Does anyone know how to implement my API in .NET and how to serve ads through it? Documentation is appreciated.

Note. I did my searches and I didn't find anything that addressed this question. Using your own API is a priority for third party APIs.


Public Class OpenXAdsProcessor

    Dim session As OpenXNet.ISession
    Dim s As IOpenXProxy

    Public Sub New()

        s = CookComputing.XmlRpc.XmlRpcProxyGen.Create(Of IOpenXProxy)()
        s.Url = "ourserverurl/www/api/v1/xmlrpc/LogonXmlRpcService.php"        
        s.XmlRpcMethod = "logon"

        session = New SessionImpl(s, "username", "password")

    End Sub
End Class


Above, I am implementing the OpenX API. Right now I am waiting to get permissions for my user because the server returned "Server responded with error: [801] User must be OA installation administrator" when trying to login.

Can the above code be used to use your API?


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I am the author of OpenX.NET . If you just need to display OpenX ads in your web application, then you don't need to use these API bindings. Just put JavaScript on your webpage.

If you really need to use the API for other scenarios and are new to OpenX, I recommend getting familiar with the OpenX concepts first, see the OpenX Developer Zone . Then look at the OpenX.NET tests . OpenX.NET is a 1 to 1 mapping for OpenX objects and methods.

EDIT: Unless you want to debug something, or really know what you are doing, you don't need to deal with the proxy directly. Just use the session constructor:

SessionImpl(string username, string password, string url)


The url is the root url of the OpenX v2 API, eg. http://localhost:10002/openx/api/v2/xmlrpc/

, see sample app.config in tests .



There are several bindings available for .NET.



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