Eclipse "Install New Software" showing invisible lists

The Install New Software option, used to add plugins, suddenly started showing "invisible" lists so that you couldn't see what you were choosing. How can I fix this?

Several searches have shown that this may be due to a bug with GTK, but running export GDK_NATIVE_WINDOWS=true

it doesn't seem to fix the problem. One of the signs that something is wrong is a message in the terminal:

** (Eclipse:2005): CRITICAL **: murrine_style_draw_box: assertion 'height >= -1' failed


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I finally found a solution. If none of the solutions mentioned in the above comment link work for you, just change the workspace to a different location . If the list of items appears correctly, the problem might be with the workspace you are using, not with Eclipse. Import your projects over the old workspace and delete it.



See this link. I managed to solve the same problem for myself.

Blake Bond CLA 2012-05-24 10:56:37 EDT Deletion. metadata or .eclipse folders are unacceptable of course as it removes the entire customization workspace. Removing only the following two invalid settings solved the problem for me.

  • Close Eclipse.
  • Find a file named .metadata / .plugins / org.eclipse.equinox.p2.ui / dialog_settings.xml in your workspace.
  • Open the file with a text editor and find a section named AvailableIUsPage.
  • Remove the following lines:
    <item value="0" key="AvailableVersionColumnWidth"/> <item value="0" key="AvailableNameColumnWidth"/>

  • Save the file and start Eclipse.

This is what is causing the error in my case.

  • Help> Install New Software
  • Working with: Indigo
  • Typing any letter in the filter bar makes Eclipse hang at 100% CPU for a minute or so.
  • If ESC is interrupted, the window will simply disappear and after that there are no more updates available in the list.
  • This dialogue change persists on exit, making the problem persistent.



I cannot use "help -> install new software" install in Eclipse (both 4.2 and 3.8) after upgrading to Ubuntu 13.04. The bar below the Name / Version line is missing (or too small) to display the available software. When scrolling on the side of the missing panel, you can see several lines of pixel change, which I believe are items in the list of available scrollable programs. However, it cannot be said for certain that, if the panel exists at all, it is probably only a few lines in pixels. This is true for both Eclicps 4.2 (which I installed manually) and Eclispe 3.8 (which I installed from the Ubuntu Software Center after uninstalling Eclipse 4.2).

I found two factors contributing to this problem. First, I noticed that the Eclipse -> Help -> Install New Software window was not maximized. Maximizing the window provided sufficient vertical height for the item in the list to be displayed. I would prefer to see multiple items in the list rather than just one item in the list at a time, but at least you can select packages to install. Secondly, I used the defalt Nouveau display driver. I noticed that the computer screen scrolls when moving the cursor between the top and bottom of the screen. This happened because the Nouveau driver cannot support my screen resolution (i.e. 1366 X 768). Installing the NVIDIA binary driver and choosing the correct resolution eliminated the need to scroll the screen.



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