Multi-threaded request to cassandra with phpcassa

I am running a multithreaded query with 330 keys and 750 columns per row.

Its dying somewhere in the phpcassa code. The worst is no exception.

The script ends abruptly. Are there any settings I should be doing?

Its work fine if I output multiple columns from those 750 columns

Below is my API call.

multiget ($ dataCFKeys, $ columns = $ superColumns, $ column_start = ", $ column_finish =" ", $ column_reversed = False, $ column_count = $ columnCount, $ super_column = null, $ read_consistency_level = 1, $ buffer_size = 100);

I am missing something. Is there some configuration that can help me get this working?

Thanks in advance Manish


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To answer the question posed: maybe you click PHP max_execution_time - PHP config: max_execution_time and max_input_time

Overall though I would say this is not a very good way to model data in Cassandra. If you have to iterate over a lot of data, use Hadoop ( ); otherwise, you have to model things so that you can get the data you want from a single row or from an index.



After spending some time on this error, I figured out the problem area.

The problem is not PHPCASSA or cassandra.

The problem is the maximum memory limit set for PHP on my server.



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