WebSQL operation runs in the console, not in code

I am trying to write a Sencha Touch 2.0 WebSql proxy that supports tree data. I started with tomalex0 WebSql / Sqlite proxy. https://github.com/tomalex0

While modifying the script, I ran into a strange debugging problem:

(I am using Chrome 17.0.963.78m)

The next cut ones just jumped over. The deal will never go through! But when I set a breakpoint above or below and I run the same code in the console, it works!

    if (typeof callback == 'function') {
        callback.call(scope || me, results, me);
    tx.executeSql(sql, params, successcallback, errorcallback);


The blue log you see, the green log is from the success handler. When the query is executed, there will be exactly the same log above (this is SELECT * FROM ..., so when executed multiple times without changing the data, I would expect the same result)

I found out that when I add a block of code to the clock expressions, it runs as well.

Debug Example


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This is not skipped. Planned, but not executed until much later due to the asynchronous nature of the request:


Since the code is executed synchronously in order to make an asynchronous call, it will delay the call until the synchronous code is executed due to a single javascript thread.



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