The best way to create a master with storyboard and master data

What is the best way to create a master using a storyboard?

For example, after a user first launches my application, they must create a profile (name, alias, gender, interests, etc.). I want to do it in a few steps (master). Thus, in step 1,2,3, the user can fill in personal information. At step 4, a Finish button will appear. The moment when the object object is saved in the master data must be when the user deletes this button. But what's the best approach to doing this? I have created a Person class that inherits fromNSManagedObject

In the storyboard, I created one navigation controller that is connected to the view controller (step 1), this controller is connected to another view controller (step 2), and so on ... Is it a good idea to create different class controller classes where everything is handled, or should I should I use the one I should reuse?

Any tips for making the master in general? (combined with master data)


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Option 1: Implement a main view controller (the first one) and then add modal views to it for more information. You can use the following buttons in your modal views, which can be customized to dismiss the modal view controller and return to the main view, or call another modal view controller. The information you collect in modal views must be passed back to the main view using the delegate protocol. Only after you have all the information, you have to transfer the information to the master data. See this answer for information on configuring the delegate protocol.

Option 2. If you are doing the same gathering function, you can stick with one view controller that displays different views. Views must have previous and next buttons. In the last view, the button must be completed. When the completed button should commit the kernel data save. You can lay out all the views inside a containerView and switch between them as I describe in the answer to this question .



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