How to create an install on InstallShield to install two programs

I would like to create an installation using InstallShield. This installation needs to install Framework.NET 40fx on the PC and then install one application developed in C #.

I have a framework setup and my applications setup.

How can i do this?



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Using installShield 2009 I don't have the option of .Net 4.0 as redistributable, so I resolved this issue by adding a precondition. it was easy and worked.

Check it:



It looks like what you are trying to do is install the application along with its various prerequisites.

In the InstallShield installation environment, click Redistributable Resources. You will find merge modules for many prerequisites here. (if .NET 4.0 is not listed, use InstallShield Updater to download it)

There are several options regarding the handling of redistributed resources. See here for more information:



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