Testing on iOS 3.1 simulator

IOS project. Base SDK 4.2, deployment target 3.0. The customer is complaining about an issue on iOS 3.1 (he has an old device).

I tried installing Xcode 3.2.3 - the oldest one to download. It doesn't offer iOS 3.1 as a test target. Does anyone know how I can enable older versions of iOS on the simulator?

The box also has Xcode 4 (in a different folder). Could it be that they are using the iOS simulator and the backward-incompatible Xcode 4 gets in the way?


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Some of the links are dead. Apple is gradually destroying these old files. Get them while supplies are held.



There is no substitute for testing on a real device.

I had a problem with my iPod touch (3rd gen, ios 5.0) crashing in one app. Everyday. The developer will not buy, ask, borrow, or steal the real iPod touch to test it so that he can fix it. As a user, this is extremely frustrating.


The final versions of Xcode with the iPhone SDK, as it was called, are not available on Apple's download page, but the direct links still work.

Direct links can be found at: http://chris-fletcher.com/2010/08/28/howto-install-iphone-sdk-2-0-3-1-for-xcode-3-2/



If you are using the newest Xcode, you can install device debugging support via Download-> Components, aa: http://cl.ly/3U1V1G3W2p2E1G29342e



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