An easy way to create a new issue on Mechanical Turk using Ruby?

I manually created a template and task on Mechanical Turk. What's a simple way now programmatically (in Ruby) to create a new task where:

  • I am reusing a task template that I already created.
  • I am uploading to MTURK a CSV file with multiple data
  • I can also download the original CSV files programmatically

? Is there some Ruby library that already makes this easy, or will I have to dig into the API itself?

I've seen rturk and Turkee , but they seem a little complicated - I actually don't want my questions to be on an external site (in rturk's case) and I don't need a Rails app (in Turkee's case - I couldn't actually get Turkee working with your Rails app anyway).


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I have spoken to some people more familiar with the Amazon MTurk API and apparently the API does not allow templates to be used (for example in a web interface). Rather, you need to go through passing the individual HIT elements.



You might want to check out this rturk fork . As you can see in the specs , it allows you to create Amazon hosted QuestionForms using XML or Ruby DSL .

Hope it helps!



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