Using links on the GitHub wiki with modified text

I am trying to use internal links to link an index on my wiki page with multiple sections in a document. Here's an example:

 * `My index`_
    + Foreword_
    + `Technical details`_

 My index


 Technical details


If I create an HTML page via rest2html I get the correct result. However, the GitHub wiki inserts extra words into links and links do not work. eg:


I couldn't find any relevant document on the GitHub page, so I got lost.


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It looks like the class ids are missing in the generated divs. Check the source of the page at (none) to see them. I think it should look like this:

  <li><dl class="first docutils">
    <dt><a class="reference internal" href="#my-index">My index</a></dt>
  <li><a class="reference internal" href="#foreword">Foreword</a></li>
  <li><a class="reference internal" href="#technical-details">Technical details</a></li>

<div class="section" id="my-index">
  <h1>My index</h1>
<div class="section" id="foreword">
<div class="section" id="technical-details">
  <h2>Technical details</h2>


Edit: user intuited mentions the same issue in the GitHub markup issue

I also noticed this issue with the README.rst files. As well as headers, embedded objects in .rst files, for example. _ some target

, not work. Inline target text is wrapped in a, but does not receive links made for any purpose. Should I point this out as a separate issue?



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