Android P2P connection over Wi-Fi

I am looking for a kind of cloud app for friends, so that when they are in close proximity to each other, some kind of alarm goes off.

From what I have gathered from googling, personal experience, and reading related topics on SO,

direct bluetooth = very little distance limitation

3g = Problems with firewall

Centralized server / database = too "centralized" to meet the criteria for a cloud application, and thus

I was looking for the package to solve my problems.

A quick question for anyone who has used it before, does it only support connection when two devices are on the same LAN?

Or "It allows the app to discover available peers, connect to peers, and query for a list of peers. When a p2p connection is formed over Wi-Fi, the device continues to maintain an uplink connection over a mobile or any other available network to connect to the internet on device. " include some kind of network of universities with wide coverage?

Thanks everyone for the time


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If you are operating in the range of a device's Wi-Fi capabilities, you can look directly into WiFi.

This requires API level 14 or higher.

Or you can create a WiFi multicast network where you and your friends have a network configured with the same host address on each of your respective devices - but this requires a WiFi hotspot (router), although the router does not actually need to connect to The Internet. Multicast example



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