Netduino or Gadgeteer working with IIS and ASP.NET MVC

Is it possible to deploy ASP.NET MVC3 applications on Netduino or. NetGadgeteer? If so, how can I do it?

I want the Netduino to connect to a wifi router that will host the MVC web app.


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No, he will not support him. To run ASP.Net you need to run some IIS. It's very easy to serve HTML over HTTP based on .Net Micro, but in order to use ASP you either need a full-fledged IIS server or some kind of built-in ASP server like the one in Visual Studio (Cassini is the codename , I think).

Basically 4 options:

  • Find the embedded ASP server. There is a .net project called aspnetserve that can serve ASP pages, you can port the port to Micro Framework.
  • Step by step to Windows CE that can host ASP.Net pages.
  • Serve simple HTML pages that you create locally.
  • Use a templating engine other than ASP and put it in .Net MF if needed


Both Gadgeteer and Netduino run the .Net Micro Framework which does not support ASP.NET MVC web application.

People have implemented simple web servers in Netduino.



Do you really need to host the MVC website on your Netduino, or do you have a computer / device available to host the website and just your controllers communicate directly with the Netduino?

There's a great article on how to do this at



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