How do I add 1 pixel vertical spacing to an Emacs font?

I don't know if it's easy to do this with Emacs (read below for my hack if there isn't an easy way to do it), so ...

How do I add one pixel of vertical spacing between each line in Emacs?

I know screen real estate is precious, but I am using a "custom" font (ProggyFont) and under IntelliJ IDEA I can change the vertical distance to whatever I like.

In Emacs, however, I find the text difficult to read because the pixels from one line are too close to the pixel of the other, so I would like to add one "one pixel" blank vertical line between each line. Can this be done simply?

If there is no "easy way", how do I take the "x by y" bitmap font and turn it into a "x by (y + 1) bitmap font"? I don't mind using a font editor: been there, did it. But I don't know exactly what would be involved.


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Check the variable line-spacing


(setq line-spacing 0.2)


From the docs:

Additional space to put between lines when displaying a buffer. The space is measured in pixels, and put below lines on window systems. If value is a floating point number, it specifies the spacing relative to the default frame line height. A value of nil means add no extra space.



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