XCode 4.3.1 Missing texture?

I just upgraded to a newer version of xcode, I tried downloading both command line tools and graphical tools from developer portal. Does anyone know where he went?


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Sorry for half the answer, but you can find the command line tools by launching Xcode, going to Preferences, selecting the Downloads tab, and clicking Install under Command Line Tools. I also skip the texture though: - /

Edit: Take a look and you will find the texturetool is actually there, just hidden. If you have Xcode installed in / Applications, it :;




To add one last reply to posters. 1. Open /Applications/TextEdit.app ~ / .bash_profile. Add the following to bash_profile: 2. # installation path for iOS texture tool PATH = "/Applications/Xcode.app/Content/Developer/Platform/iPhoneOS.platform/Developer/USR/ben: $ {PATH}" export PATH 3. Save file and close the console window. 4. Open command line tools and enter texttool



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