PropertyGrid, how is the behavior different from desiger vs at runtime?

I am having problems with PropertyGrid. Namely:

The behavior is not the same when I use the grid property in visual studio designer as well as at runtime as well as when debugging.

Multiple notes (this is using the form in the designer and editing a custom text box, and nesting a property on a form and attaching it to the same custom text box)

When I have a multiple object selected in the constructor and I set a property (custom type, with a converter), I get a null referenced exception. When I used the SelectedObjects field at runtime, I don't get an exception. If I attach a debugger to the constructor, no exception is thrown and my property setting works correctly.

I have implemented my own expander converter that orders properties. My properties appear in the correct order when I start my application, but they still appear in the default order when using the visual studio designer.

Are there any resources that can help explain why this behavior is happening?



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