VS 2010 setup project - Installer does not update .exe or .config files on upgrade

I have a problem with the app installer compiled in VS2010.

Version 1.1 installs fine, I get .exe, .config and referenced assemblies.

Uninstall and then install 1.2. Again, everything works as expected.

Uninstall, install 1.1 again.

Then I install 1.2, the installer updates the referencing assmeblies (I can see the changed date is different) but not the .exe or .config.

Is there something I am missing in the customization project?




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Do you want to read:

Default file versions

Note. This is not an AssemblyVersion attribute, but an important AssemblyFileVersion attribute. The former is used by the GAC and Strong Name contracts, while the latter are used for the Windows Native FileVersion framework.



I actually answered my own question.

The problem was that I was not incrementing the assembly version of one of the referenced DLLs. Although the timestamp was updated, the existing files were not overwritten or fixed.

I used

msiexec.exe /i "\\path\myApp.msi" /l*vx! C:\temp\install.log

to log what was happening and found the problem there.

Since then I've increased the version number of the offending build and everything is fine.



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