PHP xmlreader error 404

I am running XMLREADER to pull various XML files and then parse it with SimpleXML in PHP5. This works, but for a specific file (about 4.5 MB in size) it results in

Warning: XMLReader::open( XML File.xml)

[]: Failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP / 1.1 404 not found in / public_html / adm / cache / parsers / parser.php on line 15

But when I click on the url the specified file is there. I tested this on a similar dedicated server to mine and the problem does not occur.

Any ideas what could possibly go wrong? In general, the file is there, but XMLREADER reports an attempt to open it 404.


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If it helps someone - it was the filename that was the problem, it had a place in it that the host I am on didn't like. Never had this problem on other hosts! Live to learn.




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