Orchard CMS Projector and Widget

I) Imagine I created a projector to get a list of content types ( Course in my case) and display it.

A new course must meet three conditions:

  • I would like to add new items to this list using jQuery AJAX, including client and server side data validation and data annotation code reuse in models.

  • Before making the AJAX call, a popup dialog will appear using jQuery UI as shown in the image below: pop-up create new course

  • but I would like to add only a button on the left side of the projector's course list, this button will bring up a dialog with the form and create a new item (if valid) for that projector using AJAX.

II) We are involved in three scenarios that are involved in this scenario:

  • Course

    - Where I define Course Content Type and Partial View CreateCourse.cshtml

    , where you can find an HTML template to create a form using the jQuery UI dialog.

    In this project, you can also find a controller CourseController

    with an action CreateCourse

    that calls a service to create a new course content type.

  • Orchard.Projections

    - Determines where the projector is defined.

  • Orchard.Web

    - It is determined where the theme is defined and where I can have an alternative to this projection, simply by adding Create element to it , referencing the partial view CreateCourse.cshtml

    in the course project.

Problem: I believe most of my problems are architectural.

The first question is, is there a better approach than explained in II). If so, please let me know.

Considering II) is the best approach:

I would like to know what needs to be replaced with a symbol ~\Orchard.Web\Themes\[Theme Name]\Views\[AlternateName].cshtml

in order to add a button at the top of the projector list.

Is it possible to call a partial view ~\Course/Views/Shared/CreateCourse.cshtml

from an alternative?



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