ASP.NET web page skips assembly function calls in code

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I have an ASP.NET/C# web page that calls functions from a managed assembly .dll in code. It works fine and works in developer environments, but the production environment skips features from the assembly without any exceptions or logging from what I can see from our internal logging methods. Build requires permission to run the process on the server and use the IO file. From reading I can see that it seems to be related to code trust levels, but I don't know where to start looking for changes in the working direction. How can I check the trust level of an assembly from the server context?


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This is how you find the application's trust in the current domain at runtime ...


The real treats are here ...


coefficients is the .IsUnrestricted property in the permssion set is false.

What you do next depends on the version of the Framework you are targeting. There were some changes made in 4.0 how it all works.

Here is an overload of information ...



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