How to add file to project but not TFS 2010

I am in the process of adding a WIX project to my solution and I am using HEAT to generate a list of files. I'm having trouble getting the pickers to work if the file list (wxs) is not checked.

I came across this tutorial and it says:

"If you have source control, you should include FilesFragment.wxs in your project, but remove its source binding."

Is this possible in TFS 2010 with VS2010?


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Click / select a file.

In VS, go to File / Source Control / Exclude from the Source Control.

This method only allows you to make one file at a time.

The file will still be in your project and not under source control.



I don't like dynamically emitting setup authoring during build for about a dozen reasons, but if you do, you might want to consider checking and validating it so you have some history of what actually came from assembly before assembly.

Otherwise, if the behavior of your installation changes from one assembly to another, create in an unexpected and unwanted way, you really won't have any tracability different from other MSIs regarding what went wrong.



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