Show only date format and keep AZ sorting in MVCContrib Grid

I am using the following LINQ to create a mesh model:

            var query = from a in GetUser()
                        select new UserModel
                            ID = a.ID,                            
                            StartDate = a.StartDate,
                            EndDate = a.EndDate,
                            StateName = a.State.StateName,
                            StateID = a.StateID,
                            City = a.City,
            return query;


and HTML

                        col =>
                            col.For(c => c.StateName).Named("State").Attributes(@class => "row").HeaderAttributes(@class => "head");
                            col.For(c => c.City).Named("City").Attributes(@class => "row").HeaderAttributes(@class => "head");
                            col.For(c => c.StartDate).Named("Start Date").Attributes(@class => "row").HeaderAttributes(@class => "head");
                            col.For(c => c.EndDate).Named("End Date").Attributes(@class => "row").HeaderAttributes(@class => "head");
                            col.For(c => Html.ActionLink("Details", "Details", new { id = c.ID })).Named("View Details").HeaderAttributes(@class => "head").DoNotEncode();
                        }).Sort(Model.GridSortOptions).Attributes(@class => "grid") 


The main problem is how to show only DATE without the TIME part?

I tried some options, but in some cases I got errors, and in other cases the AZ sort doesn't work at all.

Any hint? Thank!


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Try to use

.For(c => c.EndDate.ToLongDateString())
.Named("End Date")
.Attributes(@class => "row")
.HeaderAttributes(@class => "head");




Something a little easier, I find the Format on Column method . see docs here

So your code looks something like this:

col.For(c => c.EndDate).Format("{0:d"})
//use .Format("{0:yyyy-MM-dd}") to get 2014-10-21


If you want to use ToShortDateString you will need to define the column name as well as the sort column name, for example:

 col.For(c => c.EndDate.ToShortDateString())
    .Named("End Date")




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