Equivalent to "svn switch" for git-svn?

(RHEL 6.2, git

I am using git -svn to access the SVN repository. I did an initial check using the commands

git svn init -s https://svn.myhost.com/svn/myrepo/
git svn fetch


I can check out the latest data on a thin line, but I can't find a way to switch to a branch without destroying and recreating the entire local copy of the code and starting from scratch with the branch I want.

What is the appropriate git -svn command for going from https://svn.myhost.com/svn/myrepo/trunk/ to https://svn.myhost.com/svn/myrepo/branches/mybranch ?


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Your Subversion branches should be available as regular Git branches. Try

git branch


to see the available branches. If that doesn't display what you expect, try git branch -a

showing all of them. To switch to a specific branch, follow these steps:

git checkout new-feature




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