How to add an Active X component to a C # project

I am creating a Windows Forms Application using VS2008. I need to add ActiveX controls to it. But I can't do it.

This example is what I am trying to achieve LINK sub-item "Interaction with ActiveX Controls"

Below are the steps required to achieve it, but I cannot find the below options in my Visual Studio.

(1) When the form is displayed, right-click on the toolbar and select Select Items.

(2) Click the COM Components tab.

(3) Find the ActiveX control and check the box for it. "OK".

(4) It should now appear on the toolbar; drag it onto your form and set its properties.


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  • Open the Windows Form file that you want to add to the Activex control.

  • Right click on any tool in the toolbar.

  • This menu contains "Select Items" .

  • Click on it and you will see the COM Components tab in the pop-up window.

  • Select any COM component you want to add.

  • Then it appears in the toolbar.

  • Drag it to the shape.



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