What method did apple use for the demo code in xcode at WWDC 2011?

There are many WWDC 2011 videos on the Apple developer website. And the video has a demo about encoding in xcode.

Magic thing: in this demo, the speakers did not enter the sample code one by one. They just press some keys in xcode then codes exist in xcode.

I think this is a good way to make a demo, so I want to know which method apple used. I did some research on the demo, it is not a simple "cmd + z" or "cmd + shift + z" method.


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This application is called Demo Monkey. Apple actually provides it as a sample project code .

From the description:

An example is a document-based application that serves as a "typing helper". Each document contains a set of text snippets that you can insert into another application using the service. When creating a document, you can import text snippets using the service.



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