Getting Latitude and Longitude from PIN

My question is similar to this question here . Given the pincode (for some Indian cities) I want the latitude / longitude of the location. is there any service that will provide this? api locations? google maps api? any other service?

The api places seem to have the ability to search by type 'postcode', but does not work for the pincode I tried. In the Maps api geocoding, I tried the following query:,Delhi&sensor=false


but this gives an imprecise result.

Any help?



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Geonames , IN, has a database of 15266 PINs for India with coordinates.



The Geocoding API is really the API you want - its for turning addresses into coordinates.

If the information is inaccurate, then the Google database is inaccurate. I suggest to see if you can find this location in mapmaker, and, if necessary, you need to change it.



Visit this URL and a file with PINs against longitudes and latitudes will be downloaded.



we can use the address to convert the pin code like this:<LicenceKey>/geo_code?addr=post%20office&pin=400097


This worked for me



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