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This time, I will not say that I am new to the razor, because I have been coming here for quite a while, but I cannot avoid this feeling. Let me show you why I still feel this way. So here is my simplest question ever posted in my coding history.

Is there any help documentation from Microsoft for Razor? I can google quite a lot of all the other blogs out there [ie. all MS staff, blogging, all the cool stuff for a razor, I appreciate that already] but that's not what I'm looking for here. I need to know if there is a centralized place like msdn from microsoft for mvc3 RAZOR oriented only, especially related to front panel controls like SelectList etc. Or is he expelled from the micro-reset?

These are the closed things I've encountered. they tried their best to organize it, but it was still quite confused by the organized

but I still find it very difficult to find basic level information as I have no experience with that.

or it looks like Mircosoft launched another graphical dev form before actually knowing what to do with its interface, or at least documenting it.

PS: Only answer if you understand this question.


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First of all, here's a good tutorial:

Second, for the HtmlHelper (Html.SomeFunc) and UrlHelper (Url.SomeFunc) functions, check each one below:

HtmlHelper: UrlHelper: /library/system.web.mvc.urlhelper%28v=vs.98%29.aspx

Third, you can use ASP.NET MVC3 code itself.

ASP.NET MVC3 is released under MS-PL, you can see what's going on under the hood and the above code provides unit tests. You can learn a lot from them.

For example, ActionLink functions are tested as follows:

public void ActionLink() {
    // Arrange
    HtmlHelper htmlHelper = MvcHelper.GetHtmlHelper();

    // Act
    MvcHtmlString html = htmlHelper.ActionLink("linktext", "newaction");

    // Assert
    Assert.AreEqual<string>(@"<a href=""" + AppPathModifier + @"/app/home/newaction"">linktext</a>", html.ToHtmlString());


You can see what's going on here.

Finally, you can use some books. I read "Pro ASP.NET MVC3 Framework" and this book helped me a lot. It doesn't give you step-by-step examples of every HtmlHelper extension method, but you can find the HTML that these methods generate.



The best guide I've found:



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