Create a WS-Federation Identity Provider Using OpenAM

We are trying to implement SSO for our .NET application deployed to Azure. We were tasked with using openAM as an Idp.

I am following the instructions @ . Step 3 sets up the creation of an identity provider. This is where I need to provide URLs for WS-Federated metadata.

In openAM, I created a hosted Idp. But providing its url in step 3 doesn't help as it doesn't point to the WS-Federated metadata document.

I was wondering what am I doing in openAM to generate a metadata document with WS-federation?

or, generally speaking, am I doing it completely wrong?

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When creating the hostIdp, choose no if asked if a metadata file is present. This means openAM will create it for you. Use /ssoadm.jsp to access it. To activate ssoadmin follow steps @

After using ssoadmin.jsp, you need to use the "export-entity" function. Provide name and domain name Idp. You have to create generated WS-Federated metadata.xml which you can save

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